9 tips for organizing a trip with friends

organizing a trip with friends

Are you looking to organize a trip with friends  In this blog post, we’re going to look at how to plan a trip that everyone will enjoy. Discussions, travel applications that will be useful to you during your holidays with friends , choice of transport, questionnaire… We will cover everything.

Traveling with friends, a question of organization

The trip with friends still requires a rather meticulous but also orderly organization . The best way to leave no one behind and satisfy everyone is to create a Google document or a WhatsApp chat where everyone can contribute their ideas.

Discuss potential destinations

The first step is to make a list of potential destinations . During this step, it is important to take into consideration the opinions of each person wishing to travel with friends.

Then all you have to do is collect the most popular destination styles and once you have narrowed it down to a few favourites, it’s time to start looking for flights and hotels.

Cheap travel with friends: check out cheap flight sites

When you travel with friends, the goal is still to save on the bill whether in terms of flights, accommodation, various transport but also extras and activities .

Our advice is then to consult the sites that offer low-cost flights. Lufthansa, Easyjet , Volootea … are among the most recommended.

Other airlines

Going on vacation with friends is always sure to do good business. To do this, you can also find interesting offers on the websites of companies such as Ryanair, Vueling or British Airways. The important thing is to compare and choose the option that best suits your needs.

In addition to consulting these pages, it is advisable to subscribe to their newsletters which will be rather useful to you since they are used to stay informed about last minute offers or promotions.

Choose your transportation wisely

You must also take into account the means of transport once you arrive at your destination.

Rental cars are a good option if you are going to be on the move a lot, but you can also opt for public transport if you are only making short trips.

This last alternative is the most judicious, especially if you want to avoid spending too much during your trip and then simply have a cheap trip with friends !

Accommodation, prefer private rentals

Airbnb, Papvacances, Abritel… There are many sites, but also applications, which allow you to rent a house or an apartment for your holidays. We advise you to consult them if you want to save on your stay in accommodation, whatever the standing, since you will be paying for the rental together.

Of course, we still advise you to compare with the hotels in order to know which solution would benefit your group of friends the most.

Organize your budget with apps

Before traveling, we have a small idea of ​​the money we will have available during the holidays in order to pay for the various necessary and essential things.

Nevertheless, if we don’t have a preview of our starting budget and how it intends to be disbursed, we can quickly get tangled up and especially find ourselves in an uncomfortable financial situation.

Useful apps

There are some applications that allow you to organize your budget , and which will be useful for your trip with friends, such as Tricount, Budgea, Linko, Bankin’, PiloteBudget …

These allow you to manage your budget by indicating your income and expenses, and some of them even allow you to share your budget with your friends. In addition, be aware that there are many other travel applications to accompany you in all aspects of your trip.

You can also use a good old Excel table if you prefer! The important thing is that all members of the group of friends have access to the budget in order to be informed of what remains to be paid, and what has already been paid.

Tricount, the ideal app for group travel

Ideal for roommates, couple accounts, organization of parties but especially for the organization of your holidays with friends, the Tricount application is free and available on Android and IOS .

This application to manage expenses between friends , allows you to follow all your expenses and in a very simple way. Just create an account, add your friends, and start adding your expenses!

You can also set up a payment schedule so everyone knows when they need to pay their share .

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