8 mistakes to avoid for a serene holiday


The holidays are a bit like the period that we look forward to , that we have been imagining for months, that we even idealize. It’s time to let go, to rest, to have a good time πŸ€—. And yet, all it takes is a small mistake to tarnish a peaceful holiday.

1. Prepare your suitcase without making a list

The preparation of the suitcase is a very strategic part when you go on vacation πŸŽ’. Once you’re gone, it’s too late to go back.

If you have forgotten an important object, too bad, you will have to do without it throughout the trip (or buy it back on the spot πŸ’Έ). And on the other hand, if we took too many things, we quickly regret it when we have to climb the smallest step with our 50 kg suitcase 😩.

That way, no more problems with too many clothes, less stuff and a vacation that doesn’t start with “oops, I forgot my charger, where can I buy that.

2. Not anticipating the vacation budget

There’s nothing worse than spending your holidays worrying about money πŸ’Ά. And yet, if you don’t anticipate the holiday budget in advance, it can quickly become a big problem πŸ˜•.

Especially if you are going with several people, it is better to discuss these things beforehand to be clear on everyone’s budget and adapt accordingly πŸ™‚.

The holidays are great, but if it’s to spend them stressing out because you’re going to have to eat pasta for 2 months when you get back, it will be immediately less pleasant πŸ™Š

3. Leaving home as if coming back tomorrow

When you leave for a week or more from home, there are a few precautions to take to avoid unpleasant surprises on your return:You’ve been waiting for these serene holidays for months!Β  And yet, these 8 errors can quickly spoil the atmosphere.Even if it won’t really bother you during your vacation, I’m sure you don’t want to find out when you get back that there’s been a water leak in your house for 10 days or that your fridge has broken down. transformed into a bacteriological research laboratory 😁.

4. Scatter all booking information

Where did I put the hotel booking confirmation? Do you have the email with the plane tickets? No I’m sure I have nothing! But if I’m sure! Oh actually, I didn’t say anything, I just found it..

When we organize the holidays, often several months before departure, we receive lots of different emails πŸ“§, reservations directly accessible on certain applications, others that must be printed. And we are quickly lost when we have to find them on the given day during the holidays 🀷.

5. Do not allow time for transport

Going on vacation is a bit of a party, the start of the trip πŸŽ‰. Except that if you take the train, the bus or the plane ✈️, there are also timetables to respect so as not to miss the departure. And when you don’t plan enough spare time to take your transport, you can quickly say goodbye to the start of a peaceful holiday and hello to stressΒ  .

I made the mistake about 2 weeks ago when we were supposed to take the train down to the south of France. Instead of taking a margin, I preferred to continue working until the last moment . Except that with the traffic jams (thank you Paris.. πŸ˜’), we really almost missed the train . And all the way, I was in a state of stress not possible 😱 at the idea of ​​it happening, cursing myself for not having stopped sooner

6. Wanting to see everything and do everything

When you go on vacation to an unknown destination, you want to discover the region in detail and not miss anything of all the beautiful things there is to see 😎.

So of course, a lot depends on you and how you enjoy your vacation. But in any case, you will never be able to do everything and it is sometimes better to reduce your schedule a little to have a truly peaceful holiday πŸ˜‰.

And then, by leaving some free time for the unexpected, you will also have the possibility of making discoveries that you would never have imagined and of spending real moments of relaxation πŸ€—.

7. Thinking that everything will go exactly as planned

I’m a big fan of organization ( yes I know, big scoop πŸ˜† ), and holidays are no exception to the rule for that. Besides, if you want to organize your vacation in advance , I explain all my method here 😊:the holidays, how to organize in advance to make the most of it?

Except that no matter how much you plan, anticipate, organize your vacation as much as possible, there will always be unforeseen events and things that you cannot control 🀨. Whether it’s accommodation, weather conditions, people around you, transport etc. The question is not whether it will happen but rather whenΒ  .

8. Return the same evening as the recovery

So this mistake, I know we can’t always avoid it , especially when we have few vacation days and want to make the most of it 😏. This was my case when I was in New York and my darling only had 15 days off a year. Suffice to say that we didn’t want to waste a single one 😁!

But if you can afford it, I really advise you to save yourself a quiet day when you return from vacation.

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