Youth Travel – Road Trip alone, as a couple or with friends

Youth Travel

Very popular, the Celtic and Nordic countries are the destinations of the moment. They are full of incredible landscapes, sometimes magical. New sensations and discoveries guaranteed! Each of these countries offers a range of magnificent places that will leave you speechless! Some of them, like Ireland and Scotland, will also offer you beautiful festive evenings in their countless pubs! In winter, as in summer, you will most certainly fall under the spell of Russia, the Scandinavian countries, England, Ireland, Scotland or even Iceland… As a couple, with friends or as a solo, experience an extraordinary adventure and breathe in the fresh air of these fabulous countries.


It is an understatement to say‚Ķ Scandinavia, the Baltic States, England, Scotland, Ireland or even Russia, the countries of northern Europe are among the wonders of the world. Between the ages of 20 and 30, Quartier Libre knows more than ever that your adventurous heart beats and that your desire to discover the world is at its height. Romantic getaway, solo tourism or with friends, all shots are allowed to make the trip of your dreams come true. Get ready, here we go…


Share moments of emotion and conviviality, experience unforgettable encounters and create memories that will follow you all your life. Rich in their cultures and their history, the countries of Northern Europe guarantee you superb discoveries! Chills and magic also await you: Between dog sledding and the aurora borealis, experience the unique sensations of extreme cold travel in winter. In summer, discover the breathtaking fjords of Iceland or Norway. In Ireland, Scotland or the Baltic States, set off to discover a heritage, a culture or even a culinary experience… The most beautiful European countries are close at hand!


If you are more of the independent type, Quartier Libre delivers a personalized, turnkey travel diary, you just have to follow the circuit of your choice to set off on an adventure. You only have to take care of your suitcase: the reservation of flights, accommodation and your rental car is managed by us. We suggest activities, but you are free to compose the program you like: cultural visits, fun activities, catering, or simply a road trip through superb landscapes. The autotour, which can be done in continuous roaming or with several nights in the same place, proves to be the ideal formula for young people, with a single watchword: organized freedom. Your itinerary is carried out in total independence. It’s up to you to choose the break times, your activities, restaurants (and pubs ;-)). Your only imperative: get to the hotel or B&B that has been reserved for you, get some sleep, and leave the next day for new


Quartier Libre offers you a wide range of destinations and itineraries with its guided tours. These organized trips guarantee you the serenity of a trip during which you simply have to let yourself be carried away by logistics calculated and punctuated by a guide. This type of trip is perfect for you if you want everything to be included, and in particular for your trip to be punctuated by a cultural and sometimes unusual contribution from an accompanying guide. If you like cross-generational exchanges, this type of group trip where families, seniors and young people meet is made for you!

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