The Mangusta 104 REV is significantly altering the conventional understanding of excellence within the maxi-open boat category.


The Mangusta 104 REV is frequently mentioned in discussions pertaining to novel concepts within the maxi-open boat classification. The Mangusta Yachts brand, a subsidiary of the Overmarine Group, introduced this particular model in the year 2021. This exhibition demonstrates more than three decades of exceptional nautical artistry and excellence. The 104 REV stands as a notable illustration of exceptional exterior and interior design, because to the imaginative contributions of Igor Lobanov. The boat in question represents more than just a mere vessel, but rather serves as a groundbreaking manifestation of Mangusta’s visionary direction for its fleet of yachts.

The Mangusta 104 REV immediately captures attention because to its streamlined, slim, and formidable form—an astute design decision made by Lobanov. The artist’s aesthetic is shaped by high-performance automobiles, resulting in a fusion of Mangusta’s traditional brand identity and a contemporary reinterpretation thereof. However, a notable characteristic of the Mangusta 104 REV is the seamless integration of its interior and outside spaces. The primary space is illuminated by huge floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing an abundance of natural light to permeate the area and providing panoramic vistas. The design component effectively encapsulates the ambiance associated with cruising in the Mediterranean and Caribbean regions. Furthermore, in order to exacerbate the challenge of distinguishing between the internal and external spaces, the rear deck doors possess the capability to be completely unfolded, so transforming the vicinity into a vast expanse that is well suited for dining, hosting social gatherings, and unwinding.

Mangusta exhibited meticulous attention to detail on all facets of the 104 REV’s deck, encompassing both the fore and aft sections. The forward chamber of the vessel has custom-adjustable tables and sunpads, allowing for easy modification to accommodate the preferences of the owner, so providing optimal comfort and personal flair. For instance, the sundeck of the property is not merely an incidental addition, but rather a purposefully designed entertainment area integrated into the overall structure. The many social spaces on the vessel are designed with the intention of fostering a sense of comfort and relaxation for individuals, regardless of whether they are using the steering mechanism, appreciating the surrounding scenery, or utilising the integrated outdoor cooking area.

The lower level of the vessel demonstrates the brand’s heightened commitment to creating a refined and opulent environment. The accommodation boasts four opulent bedrooms, each capable of accommodating a maximum of 10 individuals for overnight stays. The owner’s suite, located centrally within the ship, features a spacious and opulent bathroom. The forward VIP stateroom with an attached bathroom and the extra guest rooms are also very impressive. The crew quarters have been meticulously designed and constructed to accommodate a team consisting of four individuals. This ensures that the requirements of the individuals are fulfilled while respecting the privacy of the visitors. The adjacent concealed galley represents the embodiment of pragmatic opulence, facilitating direct access to the main deck area.

The Mangusta 104 REV is a vessel that prioritises both speed and comfort, ensuring that the former is not compromised by the latter. The vessel is equipped with a pair of MTU 16V2000M96L engines, which enable it to achieve an impressive maximum speed of 35 knots. The vessel has the capability to travel a distance of 370 nautical miles, which is considered a noteworthy feat given its average velocity of 25 knots. The 104 REV is considered an optimal vessel for the purpose of touring the coastal regions of the Mediterranean or navigating between islands in the Caribbean.

The Mangusta 104 REV not only elevates the standard but also introduces a transformative shift. The forthcoming Cannes Yachting Festival will feature a display of the four models in the series, allowing discerning yacht enthusiasts the opportunity to personally witness the exemplary design of a maxi-open yacht.

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