Finding Balance: Yoga Practices by the Water

Yoga Practices by the Water

For centuries, the ancient practice of yoga has provided a pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Focused breathing, mindful movements and meditation cultivate flexibility, strength, clarity, and inner peace. While many of us attend classes at studios, there is an even more impactful way to experience yoga’s benefits, by taking your practice outdoors alongside soothing rivers, lakes, or the vast open ocean.

Outdoor yoga allows you to literally immerse yourself in the powerful healing energies of nature. The fresh air, warm sunshine and hypnotic sounds of the water attune all your senses. You’ll find it easier to fully embody each pose and asana while grounding your mind in the present moment.

Waterfront Wisdom

Heading to the shoreline provides the perfect setting for an invigorating vinyasa flow or calming restorative session. As you move through familiar sun salutations, breathe deeply, and visualize drawing energy from the rhythmic crashing waves. Allow the ocean’s timeless resilience to inspire strength and renewal within your practice.

For a change of pace, you could even take your entire routine right into the water. Gently bobbing while meditating and flowing through postures amid mild lake currents or waist-deep ocean creates a massage-like sensation. The water’s gentle resistance further enhances balance, mobility, and stamina. Just be sure to use a thick mat or sturdy paddleboard to maintain solid footing.

Paddleboard Serenity

For a truly unique and focused experience, the experts at Canyon Sports (based out of Utah) recommend paddleboard rental for your waterside yoga flow. These oversized stable boards provide ample surface area to move through postures while floating atop glassy waters.

With paddle yoga, every movement requires intense concentration and engages your core like never before. And the potential for falling in adds an exciting yet peaceful element of risk. As intimidating as it may seem at first, once you become accustomed to the board’s subtle rocking, you’ll ease into an unparalleled state of Zen.

Riverbank Rejuvenation

Riversides and lakefronts can be just as idyllic for outdoor yoga sessions if you don’t live near the coast. Gently running waters provide a soft, soothing soundtrack to accompany your meditations. And grassy riverbanks enabling you to gaze upon the dancing current cultivate feelings of tranquility and renewal.

Spontaneous Sanctuary

Perhaps the true beauty of waterside yoga is how it frees you from the constraints of formal studios. You can spontaneously roll out your mat any time at a nearby harbor, pier, or beach park. Turn an ordinary sunbathing day into a revitalizing yoga session by flowing through some invigorating backbends and twists.

Necessary Accessories

While waterside yoga doesn’t require too much extra gear, you’ll want to ensure you have the right basic accessories:

  • Thick mat with excellent grip to prevent slips.
  • Water-resistant mat straps or ties for transporting to your spot.
  • Quick-dry towel that doubles as a sitting mat.
  • Umbrella or canopy for creating shady zones.
  • Change of clothes and sandals for after getting wet.
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and plenty of hydration.

You may also want to pack an anchor or meditation cushion.


One of the biggest joys of practicing yoga by the water is reconnecting with the primal elements of nature often missing in studio settings. You’ll feel the warmth of the sun energizing your skin, the crisp breeze caressing your face, and the grounded connection with the earth rising up through your roots.

Whether for an hour or an entire day, carving out time to take your yoga practice beside rivers, lakes or the vast open ocean guarantees revival and balance unlike any studio experience. Open yourself to nature’s majestic wisdom and feel your stress dissipate like a receding wave.

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